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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Establishments for enjoying tea in London

Certainly one of the best options to enjoy the traditions of England and enjoy tea time with this classic drink, which is an option to consider , as it is a widespread practice in London and there are different local where they offer tea at different times of the day and especially after 17 hours, which is a really interesting time to consider .

If you are visiting the British Museum tea when tea is offered with classic pastas to enjoy a traditional snack , although it is the only museum that offers the possibility of taking tea , as it also may be taken in the National Gallery , which is one of the places where this service is offered at snack time .

Specific places to enjoy tea and pastries or cakes addition is for example the Candy Cake, which is one of the many places where usually offer both excellent tea as pastas or pastries that everyone can choose what you prefer and also has a price more interesting .

You can also go to other places where tea offer when it is usually taken as the Madis of Honour , friendly service , a variety of cakes and pastries , plus a fairly reasonable prices in many cases , it is always something important to consider for tourists who have a somewhat limited budget .